About the project

Palac Sztuki

Interdisciplinary and intermedia project with the final on the lawn in front of the Palace of Arts in Drohobych, Ukraine as a part of the Festival of Bruno Schulz 2012.

Social project engaging mostly women from Poland, Ukraine and Germany.

Over the period of 9 months, I am collecting women’s shoes together with answers to a questionnaire I have written, thus creating a unique colour code, known only to myself. The worn out shoes I received will be transfered from the sphere of the profane into the sphere of the sacred by turning them into objects of art by the use of the colour code based on the questionnaire. The installation of a few hundred colourful shoes-flowers will be evenly arranged on the lawn of the villa formerly belonging to Bianka, one of the characters in Schulz’s prose.

The viewer is going to decode the objects with the help of the catalogue and QR code. These two tools will enable him/her to recreate the history of the object and the image of the woman who used to own it. Decoding the object will require the viewer to bend over the shoes, lower in a bow over the symbol of femininity. This motion refers to Schulz’s drawings, which often depicted his adoration of women’s legs and shoes.

If you are interested in taking part in the Stilettos Project please contact me on projektszpilki@interia.pl

Anna Kaszuba-Dębska