Project Stilettos is a continuation of my PhD about prominent women living in the time of Bruno Schulz, written in the Department of Book Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, under the supervision of Professor Maciej Buszewicz. The dissertation is on women influencing Schulz’s drawing and writing. I search for any traces of these prominent personages who sadly never gained fame and renown. The majority of them perished together with their works during pogroms and in ghettoes. The scarcity of documents about these women makes talking about them a difficult task. These artists, philosophers, translators and writers are nowadays almost completely forgotten. If you have any information regarding these women, I will greatly appreciate the contribution.

Anna Kaszuba-Dębska

Both projects complement each other. My dissertation aims to help these prominent women to emerge from oblivion. They were Schulz’s contemporaries who influenced his artistic production, both drawing and writing. The Stilettos Project creates a map of contemporary femininity. The project engages contemporary women and refers to Schul’z artwork.